Our greetings

Dear friends and partners,

We are ending 2011 on a note of celebration of our milestones and new projects. We would like to share them with all those who somehow contribute to the success of our actions.

The country’s first international contemporary art festival, the 17th Videobrasil set a record of 300,000 visitors and 90,000 participants in the educational curated program of shows Southern Panoramas and Olafur Eliasson – Your body of work.

The Festival also served as a platform for two victorious endeavors: the Videobrasil on SESCTV program, which launched the idea of airing our contents on television; and the Videobrasil Open Studio, under which commissioned artwork was made in residencies at Casa Tomada.

Olafur Eliasson – Your body of work was voted by the São Paulo Art Critics Association the most important visual arts show of the year. Before the end of 2011, a book which comprises the show will hit SESC bookstores and stores. In 2012, we will release a film in which the filmmaker Karim Aïnouz rereads Eliasson’s oeuvre.

The Festival will proceed with Eliasson’s show at SESC Pompeia and Belenzinho (up until January 29) and at the State Art Gallery (up until January 8). Its reverberations, however, will continue.

Three of the artists awarded residency prizes at the Southern Panoramas show will start their programs in the first half of 2012: Carla Zaccagnini (pARTage, Mauritius); Dirceu Maués (WBK Vrije Academie, the Netherlands); and Claudia Joskowicz (Sacatar Institute, Itaparica, state of Bahia).

The Southern Panoramas Travelling Exhibition 2012–2013, featuring awarded and commissioned works of the 17th Festival, will start in March, touring SESC units in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and then on to Brazilian and foreign capitals.

Our main project for 2012 is the first Brazilian retrospective of British artist Isaac Julien. The show is aligned with exhibitions by landmark artists produced by Videobrasil in the past, featuring the French Sophie Calle (2009) and the German Joseph Beuys (2010).

We are closing 2011 with two joys: the launch of Caderno SESC_Videobrasil 7 – A Revista (The magazine); and the earning of a Jabuti Prize for the book Joseph Beuys – We Are the Revolution, which won second place among the best art books of 2010.

Our thanks to our key partners, SESC and Electrica Cinema e Vídeo, and all those who have seen our actions, exhibitions, and publications in 2011, helping to make them significant and relevant. We hope 2012 will be equally full of accomplishments and victories.

Solange Farkas and team

Associação Cultural Videobrasil will be in recess from December 23, 2011, to January 4, 2012.

Olafur Eliasson show is awarded with critics grand prize

In a session held yesterday, the APCA – Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte (São Paulo association of art cities) chose the best artists and projects for 2011 in the following categories: Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Literature, Popular Music, Classical Music, Radio, Theatre, Theatre for Children, Television and Visual Arts. In this category, the show Olafur Eliasson – Your body of work, part of the 17th Festival SESC_Videobrasil received the main prize, the Grand Prize of the Critic. Those elected will receive the distinction on March 13th 2012, in a ceremony at SESC Pinheiros Theater, São Paulo.

Video pill by SESCTV

Program focuses on techniques and challenges of mediation for contemporary art

Watch here the program broadcast last night on SESCTV, Experimenting with contemporary art: formation: an overview on the experience of training mediators for the 17th Festival shows: the challenges to communicate, educate, inform and arouse interest are addressed by experts in art education, acting, storytelling, and also by the trainees and guest artists. In addition to the themes presented in shows Southern Panoramas and Your body of work, the training process involved discussions about the contact with the audience of students and issues such as body conscience and the possibilities of rearticulation of issues brought by the Festival exhibitions.

Tonight on SESCTV: the formative role of contemporary art

Videobrasil on TV | Experimenting with contemporary art: formation
Tonight, at 10:00 PM. Syntonize SESCTV: Channel 3, Sky TV. In the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro: Channel 137, NET Digital TV | Channel 28, Oi TV. Access here more information on Videobrasil on TV and the complete schedule.

17th International Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil Videobrasil: Southern Panoramas receives 100 000 visitors

Featuring highlights of recent production from the global South (Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania), the exhibition Southern Panoramas comes to an end on December 11, at SESC Belenzinho, accounting over 100 000 visitors. This an undoubtedly significant amount, since the show gives prominence to a production from outside the economic and cultural hegemonic axis of the world and takes place in a region of the city devoid of venues for the visual arts and with an influx of people with very different profiles.

With 101 participating artists from more than 50 countries, the Southern Panoramas competitive show asserts itself as a privileged platform for dissemination of art from the southern axis. The awarded works are significant of various directions of this production: besides the grand prize, for the Lebanese Akram Zaatari’s Tomorrow everything will be alright (2010), a recognition of a career dedicated to the videoarte language, other awardees point to different strategies.

Profoundly human themes emerge in the mapping of emotions in Israeli Shavit Moran work (Exploring, 2010), in the poetic testimony of Indian Natasha Mendonca (Jan Villa, 2010) and in political criticism of Liu Wei (Unforgettable Memory, 2009). Formal investigations appear in the narrative subversion of Bolivian Claudia Joskowicz (Round and round and Consumed by fire, 2009), in the “pre-sculptures” by Adriano Costa (Tapetes, 2010), in the fresh look of Dirceu Maués on everyday life (Em um lugar qualquer – Outeiro, 2009) and along the fragmentary speech of Argentine Sebastian Diaz Morales (Oracle, 2009). The impacts and meanings of human action emerge in works such as Eder Santos’ Pilgrimage (2010), besides the intertwining of natural and cultural dimensions in the work of Carla Zaccagnini (Bravo-Radio-Atlas-Virus-Opera, 2010), the relations between art and industry through the eyes of Milton Machado and Caca Vicalvi (Vermelho, 2009) and the fantastic vagaries of Gabriel Mascaro (As aventuras de Paulo Bruscky, 2010).

This Sunday, December 11th, is the last day to check out these and 90 other works that integrate South Panoramas show. Click here for visitation info.

Olafur Eliasson at a meeting in São Paulo

Alongside his artistic production, Olafur Eliasson has intense teaching activity at the Institute for Space Experiments (iFREX), created two years ago and directed by the artist in association with the University of Arts of Berlin (Universität der Künste). His interdisciplinary approach promotes theoretical and practical relationships between arts and sciences. Tomorrow, in public meeting at the Goethe Institut São Paulo, Eliasson will discuss topics such as the formation of the artist, teaching methodologies and the meaning of artistic activity in contemporary scene. The curator Lisette Lagnado, a professor at Faculdade Santa Marcelina, the professor at visual arts department of ECA-USP Mario Ramiro and the journalist and professor at PUC-SP Fabio Cypriano will also participate of the event. Vacancies exhausted. Online broadcast by Forum Permanente.
Olafur Eliasson at São Paulo Goethe-Institut | November 24th, at 12 AM